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The Home River Bioblitz 2022

FVG River Bioblitz is back!

Bioblitz is an environmental education and scientific dissemination event, a survey on the biodiversity of the river environments of the regional territory through the citizen science formula.

From Friday 14th April to Sunday 16th April on the Tagliamento, Isonzo, Torre and Tolminka everyone will have the opportunity to participate in the FVG River Bioblitz 2022 for free. It will be an important opportunity to record a wide variety of species in specific place and in a specific period of time. Bioblitzes are a tool interesting that connects people to the environment in which they live, magnifying the details that normally go unnoticed and at the same time generating useful data for science and the species conservation.

Read the full schedule below.



Come and discover the nature of the Tagliamento, Torre and Isonzo rivers with the support of experts and scientists and take part to this global citizen science initiative! #HOMERIVERBIOBLITZ

Project partners

What is a “bioblitz”?

A bioblitz is a joint effort between citizens and scientists to record a wide variety of species in a specific place and over a certain period of time. Bioblitzes are a way to connect people to the environment in which they live. In this way details that normally are unnoticed become magnified. At the same time, useful data for science and species conservation are collected.

A global event

On September 23-24-25, people from all over the world explore their local rivers together with friends and family. Every year the community who care about rivers enlarges.

The observed species are then identifiedand validated with the help of the global iNaturalist community.

How to use iNaturalist

iNaturalist is an online program where people share information about biodiversity to help each other learn about natural systems. Through iNaturalist App you can both identify species and record what organisms do.

Don't worry, it's easy to use! And it makes the world of biology accessible to everyone. Click the button below for an easy guide.

Click here for the official iNaturalist website