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How to get in?

The event is open to everyone!It’s interesting for the ones who want to find out more about the biodiversity of rivers and want to do something to protect them.

Participation is free and the event is financed by the Region Friuli Venezia Giulia! Reservation is not necessary! Let’s meet at the established times at the indicated meeting points. There all participants will find our experts who will support the surveys and upload data to the iNaturalist App. To download the app click here: iNaturalist for Android or iNaturalist for iOS

From Friday 14th April to Sunday 16th April on the Tagliamento, Isonzo, Torre and Tolminka everyone will have the opportunity to participate in the FVG River Bioblitz 2022 for free. It will be an important opportunity to record a wide variety of species in a specific place and in a specific period of time. Bioblitzes are a tool interesting that connects people to the environment in which they live, magnifying the details that normally go unnoticed and at the same time generating useful data for science and the species conservation.

FVG River Bioblitz Conference in Udine

At the Circolo dei Sardi in Udine, "Taglio Scientifico," a conference with an aperitivo on the theme of Bioblitz and Citizen Science, will take place. During the conference, it will also be possible to view the photo exhibition of the "FVG River Bioblitz 2022" photo contest, which brings together images from various regional photographers on the theme of local rivers.

Hikes waiting for Bioblitz

Bioblitz is an event of environmental education and scientific dissemination, a survey on the biodiversity of the river environments of the regional territory through the formula of citizen science. In view of the weekend of April 14-15-16 when the bioblitz will take place simultaneously on the Tagliamento, Torre and Isonzo rivers, we offer you a series of excursions to explore our rivers together , and give our civic contribution by collecting the rubbish we find.

All activities are free and financed by the FVG Region. For more information click here

FVG River Bioblitz conference in Venzone

The third edition of the Home River Bioblitz was carried out worldwide in September 2022 with the involvement of people all over the world engaged in the observation of their local rivers and in the collection of data on the biodiversity of the area through the support of qualified personnel and the iNaturalist application. 

Wild Routes APStogether with the Julian Prealps Regional Natural Park, APS Reset, the Rogos Cooperative Society, the Kaleidoscienza Cultural Association, the ODV Foce del Tagliamento, the Posoški razvojni center (Soča Valley Development Centre), the Fundacija za Sočo ( Soča River Foundation), the Friends of the Friulian Museum of Natural History APS and Il Piccolo Principe Social Cooperative onlus, with funding from the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, has joined this wider initiative with the project FVG River Bioblitz 2022, an environmental education and science dissemination event and an interesting opportunity to connect people to the environment in which they live, observing and enlarging the details that normally go unnoticed and at the same time contributing to the collection of useful data for science and species conservation.

The observation and data collection activity will be repeated in the coming months, while it is expected, for Friday 3th March 2023, a conference about the project and will take place from 8.30 pm at Palazzo Orgnani Martina in the Municipality of Venzone (UD).

Participation is free and the event is financed by the Region Friuli Venezia Giulia!


Take pics of the explored area and participate to the photo contest of the FVG River Bioblitz 2022: the photos posted with the hashtags #fvgriverbioblitz and #fvgrb22 and with the most likes collected will be part of an exhibition organized in the coming months!


Do you know the Soča/Isonzo river? We are four researchers and we are studying the relation between locals and the river through an anonymous questionnaire. Would you like to participate? Fill in the questionnaire here!It will take 10 minutes and works also from the mobile phone. Your anonymous answers will be used in aggregated form to study the cultural value of the Soca/Isonzo river. Read Anna´s blog to know more! If you want, share the questionnaire - it is available also in Italian and Slovenian. Everybody's opinion is important! Thanks, Anna Scaini, Ana Stritih, Constance Brouillet & Chiara Scaini